Chamberlain college of nursing BSN tuition & apply process 2023-24

Chamberlain university College of Nursing offers a three year Bachelor of Science in Nursing ( BSN ) degree program, available in hybrid and online modes. with over 20 campuses nationwide, students have the opportunity to choose any campus nearby to their location. The university is Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission ( HLC ) and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education ( CCNE ).

Chamberlain university bsn program

Overview :

University Chamberlain college of nursing
Program Bachelor of nursing ( BSN )
Duration 3 – 4 Year
Campus More than 20+
Program Language English
Program Mode Both Campus based and online avilable

Bachelor of science in nursing ( BSN )

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing ( BSN ) at Chamberlain university is a 3 year Degree program which consists of a total 9 Semesters and 18 Sessions. And the next acadmic classes is start from January 8, 2024.

BSN program Tuition fee at chamberlain university :

The Tuition fee at chamberlain university for BSN program varies from Campus to Campus. the estimated tuition fee for the undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Nursing ( BSN ) based on the cost per credit taken by the students with an average tuition fee for academic year 2022-23 $19,629 to $20,410.

Academic year Tuition Fee range
2021-22 $19,469 to $20,250
2022-23 $19,629 to $20,410

Total tuition cost by Campus ( Effective from January 2024 )

The total tuition cost for the BSN nursing degree at the Chamberlain university based on the January 2024 intake is listed below with a breakdown for campus to campus .

  • The total tuition fee for the full time program for Bachelor of nursing (BSN) program is $89,670 at the Addison, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Irving, North Brunswick, Pearland, Phoenix, Tinley park, Troy , Tysons Corner.
  • At the Atlanta, Stockbridge Campuses, the total tuition fee is $88,450.
  • For the Columbus, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miramar, New Orleans, San Antonio, St. Louis campuses, the total tuition fee is $86,010.
  • Irwindale and Sacramento Campuses have a higher tuition fee compared to other campuses estimated at $94,878 based on 126 credit hours.
  • The total tuition fee for the Bachelor of nursing online program is $86,010.


Campus Location Credit Hours Tuition Per Credit Hour Total Tuition Total Program Cost
Addison, Charlotte, Chicago, Houston, Irving, North Brunswick, Pearland, Phoenix, Tinley park, Troy, Tysons Corner 122 $735 $89,670 $97,245
Atlanta, Stockbridge 122 $725 $88,450 $96,025
Columbus, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Miramar, New Orleans, San Antonio, St. Louis 122 $705 $86,010 $93,585
Irwindale, Sacramento 126 $753 $94,878 $102,453
BSN Online 126 $705 $86,010 $96,190

Additional fee details :

The additional fee including Students service charge, Health screening, books and supplies are as follows given :

  • Background check , Fingerprint and Durg screen Fee : The Fee for the Background check, fingerprint and durg screen test in the Bachelor of nursing program are $200.
  • Students service charge : The Student Service charge is $220 per session , and the total students service charge for 18 sessions is $3,960.
  • Student activity fee : The campus based student activity fee is $270.
  • Books and supplies : The cost for books and supplies is $150 per session .
  • Health screening and Immunizations : The campus based average fee for health screening and Immunizations , which is between $500 and $1,400.
  • Federal Loan fee : For students who want to support financial aid through federal loans, there is students federal loan fee of $70.
  • Health insurance plan : The university also offers a health insurance coverage plan to students, providing security in case of health issues during their study program. The cost of the plan is $4,316. Further more information you can read their insurance policy
  • NCLEX prep fee : The NCLEX exam prep fee is $370.

Admission requirement details

  • Application details : Students need to visit the official website’ admission application page then, complete the online application with your personal details including your name, email, contact information.
  • Application fee : Next, submit the application along with an non refundable application fee of $95 for The Bachelor of science in nursing ( BSN ) program.
  • Official transcript : You will also need to provide an official transcript of your past academic details, including your high school diploma and General Education Development ( G.E.D. ) examination. this official transcript will be requested as a part of the addmission requirement process.
  • HESI A2 : Clearing the HESI A2 exam is compulsory requirement for students seeking admission to the BSN Nursing program at chamberlain university . The HESI A2 is a 3 hour multiple choice based examination for more information about HESI A2 exam you can refer to the HESI A2 assessment faqs

For further details about the admission process, you can refer to the instructions on how to apply to Chamberlain university

How to apply for BSN Nursing at chamberlain university :

At Chamberlain, students can submit their application through multiple methods including online applications, mailing or applying directly over the phone.

Method 1st :

In the online process, first you need to fill out the application with your personal details such as name , email , contact information and also you can select the preferred Campus location where you want to apply. For more information you can visit on application for Admission

Method 2nd :

To apply at chamberlain , another option is to call over the phone. Simply dial the toll free number at 877.751.5783 and follow their instructions to complete the admission process.

Method 3rd :

Chamberlain university also accepts application via mail or fax,giving you the option to choose this method for the admission process.

Apply online Application process
Apply via phone Call at 887.751.5783
Apply by Mail or fax Pdf application

Frequently asked questions ( FAQ) :

Q. What is the minimum credit hour required to complete BSN nursing program at Chamberlain university ?

The minimum credit hours at Chamberlain university for complete the BSN nursing graduation program is 122 credit per hours.

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